We are dedicated to integrating sustainable and creative practices with the focus on the modern HOME and LIFESTYLE. We infuse these aspects by offering hands-on Sessions that teach treasured skills.  Through our Sustainability Sessions, we offer an opportunity to learn an “old skill” or trade, such as cheese making, gardening, cooking, making honey, canning, and overall urban homesteading.  Our Creativity Sessions focus on the essence of handmade and DIY. These sessions will offer knitting, sewing, hand tooling leather, jewelry making, food plating and photography, and woodworking.

All of our Sessions are designed to instill a sense of authenticity and overall pride in taking the time to create something for yourself with simple, raw materials and ingredients that fit in your home and your lifestyle.


I am a busy, working mom of two kids in elementary school, married to an internet business entrepreneur for over 10 years. By day I work for a management consulting firm where I lead a team of talented professionals, focused on decision analytics and economic analysis. When not working or taking care of my family, I moonlight as a crafter, DIYer, and just relish in all things domestic. I receive the most joy playing board games with my family, cooking, scrapbooking, and entertaining family and friends.

I grew up in California’s agriculturally rich Central Valley. It was this “farm” living where I developed a deep appreciation for fresh ingredients, and loved shadowing my mother and grandmother in the kitchen as they cooked fresh meals from recipes engrained in their memory banks.  As the daughter of a migrant farm worker family, I also gained a true appreciation for the small farmers as I witnessed first-hand the amount of work and financial commitment required to sustain and make a living off the land.

I am very proud to have parents who instilled in me strong values around hospitality.  As a low income family, the only way to show hospitality was through homemade food and gifts. Thus, my mom and I would spend the holidays baking and cooking for our family and friends.

My motto: Be authentic. Work with your hands. Make from your heart. Welcome a stranger. Give passionately and selflessly. Create extra room at the table for one more.

I am so excited to be part of Local Home Girl. I wanted to help create something that shows my personal commitment to sustainability and creativity through my modern, yet domestic lifestyle.  It is founded on the principals of showing who you are by how you live and treat others.  Local Home Girl embraces this local Movement - highlighting those farming and artistic communities that give such richness and diversity to our way of life.


Growing up the daughter of an Army Ranger allowed me to live in a variety of unique places like Georgia, Texas, New York, Kentucky, Virginia, and Korea just to name a few.  As a result, I developed an adventurous nature which brought me to San Diego, the beautiful and diverse place that I call home.  Living in Southern California has provided me the opportunity to plant gardens all year round, invigorated my entrepreneur spirit, and has expanded the network of people in my life who are passionate and part of a mindful community.

With the hustle and bustle of our busy lives I make it a priority to spend time doing things that I enjoy.  My passions revolve around using my hands; two of my favorites are cooking and making handmade jewelry.  Cooking is a comforting activity that allows me to use creativity in combining sauces, fresh herbs, and vegetables into my recipes and enjoying homemade meals with friends and family.  Cooking also has motivated me to learn more about growing different vegetables, to compost for richer soil and to promote sustainability, and to participate in gardening groups in my local community.  Making jewelry is my other avenue for a creative escape. Working with gemstones, silver, gold, and other organic elements allows me to create unique pieces for friends, family, and myself that are handmade with love.  Through jewelry making, I have met and learned from many artistic and authentic crafters by participating in events like the Ocean Beach, Encinitas, and Carlsbad Street Fairs, and Little Italy community events.

Being involved in the local community and participating in events around Southern California has inspired me individually and I would like to share this inspiration with others.  As part of Local Home girl, I can help provide an opportunity for others to make time for their passions, create things with their hands, and feel part of a creative and sustainable community through our retreats.  We hope that our mission will bring back the essence of the modern domestic movement and motivate others to spend time doing what they love.