Whisknladle Hospitality

We are proud to have Whisknladle Hospitality as a sponsor for our events. Here are some kind words from our friends:

"Whisknladle Hospitality proudly supports the sustainability and creativity efforts being put forward by Local Home Girl.  We hope that by joining Local Home Girl we can further help the growth of small businesses focused on the importance of bringing back basic skills that embrace homegrown and handmade activities.  As a proud partner, we align with the mission and values brought forth by Local Home Girl – uniting those with a passion for sustainability and in bringing people together around a common interest in nurturing the betterment of our community and ourselves."


Whisknladle Hospitality started simply with the serendipitous meeting of one talented chef Ryan Johnston and one young entrepreneur Arturo Kassel in 2006. Convinced that what San Diego needed was a farm-fresh restaurant that served from-scratch cooking, the pair opened Whisknladle in the heart of La Jolla in 2008. This back-to-basics approach to cooking – or gourmet comfort food – has firmly planted Whisknladle in the hearts of locals and tourists alike.