Our Sessions

Our sessions are designed for anyone anywhere with an interest in creativity and sustainability. Those who join our sessions have a passion for all things handmade and enjoy taking the time to make something with their hands and to learn an old skill or trade.  Our authentic and accomplished teachers will not only conduct unique hands on sessions, but they will inspire your individual talents.

Previous Sessions:

Natural Dyeing with Fabrics and Eco-Friendly Materials

June 11, 2016 ~ Manhattan Beach, CA

Pictures of dyeing with Tumeric, Cochineal, Red Onion Skins

Pictures of dyeing with Tumeric, Cochineal, Red Onion Skins

Together with Community Making Workshops, we bring you a day of hands-on learning, fun, and experimentation with natural dying. Learn eco-friendly, sustainable, and easy ways to dye fabric with everyday food stuffs and natural materials.  

You will also learn a variety of shibori and resist techniques to use for patterning and designing your own set of napkins and placemats.  All materials and supplies, and a delicious catered lunch by Savory N Sweet will be provided. Each person will also receive a special gift as our thank you for participating. Register before 5/22/2016 to receive $10 off the registration fee.


Creative Gift Giving - November 7, 2015 ~ Solana Beach, CA

We are excited to be returning to Isari Flower Studio in Solana Beach for our Fall Session: Creative Gift Giving.  You will participate in two 90 minute sessions focused on creativity and sustainability.  First, you will learn to work with new and recycled fabrics and learn the skill of embroidery through some simple hand stitching methods.  After a sit down farm to table lunch, you will learn to make your own lip/skin balm by learning the art of infusing different oils with choices of herbal properties that are beneficial to your skin and lips.  Both sessions allow you to learn something new while expressing your creative side.  Best of all, you will go home with your beautiful handmade gifts, created by you!

Session 1 - The Art of Hand Stitching & Embroidery

We have all been given ornate kitchen and tea towels that are beautiful although made in mass quantity and may or may not be in alignment with the look and feel of your home. Instead, you will make customized tea towels that are beautiful, functional, and personal.

You will focus on creating your own, authentic design by choosing vintage, traditional, or modern fabric and embroidery in different shapes and sizes that fit your style of giving.  You can spend more time on the fabrics or learning the skill of embroidery – it’s your creative choice!

Session 2 - The Art of Natural Skincare

This session highlights what Cee Cee & Bee and Local Home Girl are passionate about, getting back to the basics! You will create unique botanically infused balms with different herbal properties. You will select the herbal combinations of your choice and blend the beeswax to create a rich, moisturizing balm and formed into a decorative tin that can be used by you or given as a gift for the holidays.   


November 2, 2014 ~ Aguanga, CA

Join us at the Temecula Olive Oil Ranch in Aguanga, CA, located just east of Temecula.

The Ranch is part of The Temecula Olive Oil Company. It is a family owned and operated business that was established in 2001 by Nancy Curry and Catherine Pepe. The company grows and sells Hand Crafted Extra Virgin Olive Oils and related Artisan food items in its four Southern California retail tasting rooms. We love that they also have aligned themselves with local artisans who hand craft olive oil soaps, lotions, and gift items which in addition to their oils, and they also ship to customers all over the world.

Session 1:  A Walk on the Ranch

Co-owner of The Temecula Olive Oil Company and highly sought after speaker, Catherine Pepe, will guide you on a private 60-90 minute tour through the Ranch.  You will meander through the olive groves and learn about sustainable agriculture, growing olives, harvest techniques, milling and pressing.

You will learn the history of olive oil production – a craft with thousands of years of experience – and the various stages of an olive’s lifecycle. You will also hear Catherine share her story of how the Temecula Olive Oil Company started.  It is an inspiring tale of how two women had a dream to produce high quality extra virgin olive oil and to share this handcrafted product with others.

Session 2: Preserving with Olive Oil

Local authors Mary Platis and Laura Bashar will teach you the simple, lost art and methods of preserving food using olive oil.  You will create jars filled with delicious oven-dried tomatoes in olive oil.  You will also experiment with different herbs and spices as you create your personalized garlic confit in olive oil.  You will take home your handcrafted jars, along with your own copy of Mary and Laura’s award-winning book, Cooking Techniques with Olive Oil. 

Bonus Session:  During our farm-to-table lunch, Mary and Laura will demonstrate their creative recipe for blood orange sorbet, which we will also enjoy for dessert!




July 12, 2014 ~ San Diego, CA

This summer we held an event at Mixture, a modern furniture and home accessories store located in North Little Italy for two Sessions and a garden to table lunch.  Mixture is dedicated to taking a young and fresh approach to contemporary and modern design.

Session 1: Working with Succulents

Get ready to play with some dirt!  In our first Session of the day you will celebrate the beauty of succulent plants and their amazing array of colors and leaf textures. Travis Rogers from Green Fresh Florals in Hillcrest will teach you about the low-water, easy-care, and container compositions of succulent gardens.  Travis’s contemporary and creative lens will guide you in mixing vibrant colors and textures to create beautiful succulent gardens in containers comprised of vintage, rustic, and modern styles. You will design and take home two  unique and inspiring succulent gardens to incorporate into your lifestyle.

Session 2: Making Lunch from the Garden

What can you make right out of your Garden? What delicious, healthy delights can we imagine that can be made in a moment of need with minimal effort? 

In this Session you will dive into the kitchen and learn to “lunch” in the context of Conscious Consumption.  Marissa Joinson, owner and educator of The Intuitive Kitchen will share her expertise on how to work with fresh, summer ingredients straight from the garden and on to the table. 

Make your own creative version of the following menu:

Chilled Cucumber-Beet Soup

Garden Grille Sandwiches

Superfood Salad  

Poached Stone Fruit (Trifle) with Cashew “Cream”

You will play in a lovely kitchen and share ideas, tips, and your own stories.  You will laugh and touch and taste, all while considering balance and discussing ways of living sustainably.  Most importantly, you will embrace the moment and take home some valuable tips and tools that can be applied to your everyday lifestyle.


March 22, 2014 8:30am to 1:30pm ~ Solana Beach:

We hosted our inaugural event at Isari Flower Studio. We hosted two 90 minute sessions, Decorative Stamp Making and Fermenting taught by Alexis Garrett of Fern & Feather. Participants took home three handmade personalized stamps and labels as well as three mason jars filled with fermented carrots, pickles, and sauerkraut.  We finished the day with a farm to table lunch provided by Whisknladle Hospitality.

Session 1: Creating Decorative Stamps

Learn a fun way to make your own stamps. Carve out whatever you have in mind (letters, shapes, patterns, or designs), glue your stamp to a handle (an old wooden bead and a wooden spool), and stamp away.

From Patio Containers to Wreathes to Landscaping and Wall Hangings, succulents are sustainable, user friendly, and keep on giving!

stamp 2.jpg
Stamp 1.jpg
stamp 3.jpg
stamp 4.jpg

Session 2: Fermenting

Learn to create your own delicious fermented foods including pickles, spicy carrots, and sauerkraut. You will learn he history and health benefits of fermented foods and you will make and take home your creations.   

carrots 2.jpg